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This page is dedicated to the first ever Guild Calendar, which is a compilation of art, special dates (I.E. Birthdays, guild events, anniversaries, etc), and memes from our own guild!

Members of our guild can contribute to this project with art, dates, or memes, or with a submission of one of your characters to be in the illustrations for the calendar.


  1. Only one character submission per person.
  2. Submit your character along with your preferred month in which they will feature.
  3. Character and date submissions end June 30

If you wish to participate, please contact Acidaran, A.K.A. Bee, on our Discord, or by note in Guildwars. My username is Acidaran.

Important dates and memes:

  • January 7th: Eillan's birthday!
  • January 31st: Howl's birthday!
  • April 22nd: Enha's birthday!
  • May 25th: Anniversary of the Guild's Creation!
  • June 4: Matt's birthday!
  • June 15: Korg's birthday!
  • August 3rd: Chris' birthday!
  • September 21st: Nommles' birthday!
  • October 6th: Moira's birthday!
  • November 6th: Sylent's birthday!
  • December 15: Coffee's birthday!
  • October 11th: Rosa/Sheep's Removal day from the womb
  • June 3rd: Koolif's B-Day
  • July 13th: Bee's birthday!
  • September 9th: Ani's Birthday!


  • blaizard
  • acidaran aka Bee
  • enhoo
  • Rosa/Sheep
  • Chris (Aneirahh)

General Participants:

  • Sylent
  • Eillan
  • Howl
  • Korg
  • Nierym
  • Moira Gwencalon
  • Rosa/Sheep
  • Koolif
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