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Caelynn (aka Hemlark, Aubrey, or Caelynn.2489) is a relatively new member of FIRE, having been recruited by Chrysophyta (Nierym). He met Nierym in the Revenge of the Capricorn on opposing teams. Caelynn was playing his braindead trapstrat Dragonhunter, and Nierym an initially hapless thief who soon caught on to the guardian's methods. Post-match, the thief gave Caelynn some pointers on trap placement, and then the two became fast friends as they took the the queue almost everyday. Eventually Caelynn joined FIRE, which Nierym was a part of at the time. There, he met many new friends. 

In Guild Wars 2, he spends 90% of his time playing pvp. But it doesn't mean he's hot shit at it yet. Since acquiring Heart of Thorns, he plays mostly a Marauder Wellomancer Reaper and a Marauder Trapper Dragonhunter. He has been known to play his old main and first character, Hemlark, using a core spec build that utilizes the Elixir Gun and the Deadshot Amulet. Don't get him started on the pre-HoT days when he ran the Celestial Grenadier and kicked so much ass. He'll also bring to the light every now and again his CC/Condi Berserker and his Bounding Staff Daredevil. He can't play elementalist, mesmer, or revenant for shit though.  

Most of his characters are Humans and Sylvari, and he has a character of each profession. Most of his characters do not have full elite progression in pve, and really only uses Saeri, Hanzo, or Hemlark for that mode. Only Hanzo has a fully trained elite spec. 

Caelynn was born "Aubrey" in Pennsylvania in 1995. Raised mostly by a single father with a slightly younger sister. Graduated High School in '13, and went to college soon after for studies in Secondary Education and History. Had to drop out after two and a half years. Might return, who knows. 

Likes to play D&D and video games. Works night shifts, which cuts into his GW2 time. 


Name Profession Race Gender Level PvP Build Description
Hemlark Engineer Sylvari M 80 Deadshot Condi/Support Nonelite Spec
Saerï Mora Reaper Sylvari F 80 Marauder Wellcaster Siphon DPS
Hanzo Shímada (formerly Bophades) Dragonhunter Human M 80 Marauder Trapper/Retaliation DPS
Apostate Asmodeus Dragonhunter Charr M 13 Medicondi
Enaid Sanguire Berserker Sylvari M 80 CC/Condi Carrion
Andromeda Kayde Daredevil Human F 80 Assassin AOE
Dave Stríder Chronomancer Human M 80 ???
Blänkka (w/ Dojj and Rexx) Druid Asura F 80 Marauder Skirmisher DPS
Iskandra Kastriot Herald Norn F 80 ???
Auberic Tempest Human M 20 Air???
Reinhardt Wílhelm Dragonhunter Norn M 10 Hammer Meditrapper

Stats (Level 80 Human Mess) 

Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Wisdom Charisma
11 16 9 16 14 18
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