Origins Edit

Chris, (Creator of the guild meme dembrow.gif) was born into the guild mid 2015, and was stepped up to an officer early 2016. Chris is one of the oldest officers, but not the wisest.

Guild History Edit

Chris joined Guild Wars 2 in 2014, but was soon detoured from the game very quickly for almost a year thinking "Yellow Hearts" were the only thing you could do in game.

Chris gave the game one more chance after someone promised they would come play with him, but alas, they never showed.

Upon his first day back, he was taking his new Elementalist on an exploration through Divinity's reach. Where his journey into Guild Wars 2 truly begins.

It was on this disappointing day he was to meet a very special guild that would change his way of life and turn the disappointing events upside down.

By the Chambers of Minister POI, there, A Dance In Fire was enjoying a naked dance off, and that was all it took to keep him there.

What led Chris to inevitably rip his clothes off and climb the ranks to his current Captain role is unknown to the guild.

We just know... he'd do it again. Someone please stop him...

Current Edit

Chris is now at least one of the longest remaining officers within the original lineup. Over time, Melissa and Chris are the only two original officers remaining.

Interests Edit

Among Fire events, Chris has been known to enjoy PvP and running in circles within major cities without purpose.

Useless facts about Chris Edit

Chris refuses to make any character of the same class.

He doesn't like making Asurans

He has two cats.

The gang!
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