A Dance In Fire Wikia

The following notes detail past cases to the best of memory or documentation. These notes are declassified for public viewing, please do not seek vengeance or start further drama from the information gained here.

Birth of FIRE May 25th, 2015 21:05

This date is the time of the founding of the guild by Sylent and his Officers. Officers present are as follows, Rin, Vivi, Nevers, Smirky.

Pre Dark Age Cases

This will be a collection of information gathered through memory, as anything before the Dark Ages were not documented.

  • We begin the use of RaidCall as a voice chat.
  • A gathering of FIRE RPers are situated in an inn in Queensdale. Word reaches the higher ups that a guild (TMC The Midnight Covenant) had ordered our guildies to leave. Their grounds being they had sole ownership of that tavern. Officers Rin and Smirky worked out an understanding. A truce drawn ending the conflict.
  • Miscommunication from Sylent and his Officers.
  • Due to unknown reasons Smirky left the guild.
  • Chris joins the guild.
  • Nerder joins the guild.
  • A conflict with a retainer by the name of Tongus about Discord occurs. Tongus leaves the guild shortly after to create his own guild.
  • We begin the use of Discord for our voice chat.
  • The Golden Ages begins. (Notice how there is a lack of trouble and or cases to solve. For lack of time frame The Golden Ages lasted for 6-12 months. Lots of parties nearly everyday. Events everyday.)
  • Mel is promoted to an Officer.
  • Uriel is promoted to an Officer.
  • Grod is promoted to an Officer.
  • Status of Guild: High morale, high officer morale, strong leadership, active guildies, active chat.
  • The Dark Ages Begins. (These events were long and drawn out. They are also the most notable events that had occurred during these times.)
  • Ryuks is promoted to an Officer.
  • Pyro is Promoted to an Officer.
  • Unofficial Regency of Chris and Ryuks begins.
  • Sylent begins to become incapable of leadership. Decadence occurs. (Due to personal problems and distraction away from officer work.)
  • Officers with decadence are, Sylent, Rin, Vivi, Uriel, and Mel. (Bad times does not make bad people.)
  • Grod steps down from his Officer position to take a break.
  • Pyro takes leave from his Officer Duties.
  • Chris takes semi-leave from his Officer Duties.
  • Relations deteriorate between Sylent and Officers Rin and Vivi.
  • Unrest from Rin and Vivi RP faction occurs.
  • The R&V faction splinters away from the main guild, taking with them a few people to form a separate guild. ([PPD] Project Phoenix Down)
  • Uriel disappears, Sylent demotes Officer Uriel.
  • Nerder leaves the guild.
  • Status of Guild: Low morale, low officer morale, absent guildies, deserting guildies, lacking events, demoralized leadership, slow chat.

Age of Recovery begins.

During this time we had only begun loosely recording and documenting some important events. A few things are from memory while others are from our documents.

  • Sylent regains willpower.
  • Chris Returns.
  • Pyro Returns.
  • Grod Returns.
  • String is promoted to an Officer.
  • Mika is promoted to an Officer. (Officer with decadence throughout his term)
  • Relations deteriorate between Officers Willow + Grod against Mel over guild decorations. (This petty conflict lasted a month or three. I cri ervytim.)
  • Ryuks steps down from his Officer rank.
  • 01/05/2016 Warning given to a guildie for recruiting in our guild.
  • 01/17/2016 New ranking system has been issued
  • Howl is promoted to an officer.
  • 02/09/2016 Warning issued to Officer Strings for unrepping as an Officer. Warning ignored from Officer Strings. Sylent demotes Officer Strings.
  • 02/11/2016 Upon request FIRE Officers return materials in guild bank to Strings. (Yes he got his one copper back.)
  • Howl takes time for himself.
  • Willow is promoted to an Officer.
  • 03/13/2016 Warning given to a guildie for recruiting in our guild.
  • 04/25/2016 Warning given to a guildie for offending guildies with profane language.
  • Unrest from Grod and Willow faction begins. Due to being upset about recent conflicts with Officer Mel.
  • 05/17/2016 Officers Grod and Willow leave the guild. Sabotaging guild decorations. (They left with ominous Team Rocket speech followed by an awkward silence. In their flight they tried to seduce other guildies to join their guild. tbh The Witch Willow stole Grod from us.)
  • Sylent demotes Officer Mel due to her current struggles making her unfit for Officer Work.
  • 06/30/2016 Kicked guildie out due to joking about rape.
  • Holy ShadyBear graces us with his presence.
  • Holy ShadyBear was run out of the guild by peasants.
  • Holy ShadyBear requests his presence be returned to us. Officer Howl denies.
  • Auron is promoted to a Lieutenant.
  • Eilen is promoted to an Lieutenant.
  • 08/14/2016 Annexing process started for [rata] guild.
  • Alliance policies initiated.
  • Ex Guildie demands a public meeting. During this meeting he attempts to throw blame to Sylent for him leaving the guild. (Sylent aint had dat time so he went ahead and accepted all teh blame.?Ex Guildie has marked Sylent??what duh fuq? like ah sam body fok u bic.)
  • Unrest forms from [rata] members who have migrated over to our guild. Due to conflicting events and fragile relations.
  • 09/04/2016 Warning given to a guildie for atrocious comments made in guild chat.
  • 09/10/2016 Warning given to a guildie for vicious comments in guild chat.
  • 09/26/2016 The Official Regency of Captain Chris with Temporary Adviser Howl commences.
  • 10/09/2016 Kicked out guildie for disregarding Officer Authority, Rules, Rape Jokes, and a Warning.