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Chapter-2 Creation of the Exalted Spoons. (WIP)[]

The Pantheon, after a long while of deliberation, concluded that even their lives were limited in length. Upon realizing that the mortals they oversee would have to fend off against the evils of the world alone one day, the Pantheon created a set of Spoons Most Exalted. These artifacts are the last remaining gifts of the Gods who loved us so dear.

The creation and significance of these, the Most Exalted of Spoons, is characterized by their names and rarity. Though these names are not the original ones given by the Pantheon, it is what the general plebeians call them. I, Grandpa Lionel, will reveal their true names to those whom will listen to me expound on the Glory they are imbued.

I shall begin this tale of creation with the history of the most overlooked artifact in Tyria. The “Broken Spoon”. All Exalted Spoons are artifacts were created for the ley beings of Tyria so that, even if all magic particles disappeared out of the air, magic would still be available throughout Tyria. The Broken Spoon is the remnant of any one of the Exalted Spoons in which all magic has been used. Carrying one, although not proven effective, will afford the bearer an increased likelihood of finding a magic imbued Artifact, regardless of if it is another Spoon.

The Lowest ranked spoons of the various types is that of the “Fine” quality. These were for the lower ranked persons of importance within each hold throughout Tyria. For example, knights and Nobles with very low power would be given this level of spoon to protect themselves, and their holdings. The Middle-ranked spoons of the “Masterwork” quality would be given to nobles of vast importance under the Monarch of a race. The Highest Ranked spoons of the “Exotic” quality would be gifted directly to a races Monarch in order to protect one’s bloodlines. The pinnacle of spoons, the Almighty Ascension Spoon, would be Crafted solely for the ultimate power of Tyria to protect Tyria as a whole.