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  • Sylent
    • Meme Origin: his mom. He is a meme himself
  • One Copper
    • Meme Origins: During the Ryuks & Strings Era there was a petty instance in which Strings had left the guild and requested his materials back which we were ok with. The only problem being was that he requested such a specific amount of materials and of the materials requested were 1 single copper ore.
  • Popsislay
    • Meme Origins: From the Golden Ages came the Popsislay meme where we had a Guildie named Nerder pronounce popsicle. Which he did in a bavarian accent Pop-sis-lay.
  • "WHO U"
    • Meme Origins: A guy named Rin Tan said, "WHO U", it didn't catch on. Then Sylent stole it and it caught on, the end.
  • "BUTTS"
    • Meme Origins: Howl said butts at some point, something about being naked with Sylent, and now its a thing, because butts.
  • "Work your ass off."
    • One day we were casual pvping as a little guild party. While the party was having a good streak, (Read as not 100% eating their own feet instead of fighting enemies) a salty pvper got salty af and kept harassing the little group of casuals, which completely took joy from the shower of salt. The salty pvper organized a rigged match with the rest of her "OP PVP Vets" and proceded to kick our faces in. The whole time the group of [FIRE] Embers flung the pvper's own salty phrase back at her. "I worked my ass off" Screen shot here: [1]
  • Nachos
    • Meme Origin: Endless Soul, aka Myndee(or Mydnee as Sylent wanted me to call her) said Nachos, and now there are nachos, which is used as a greeting a lot of the time.
  • SMH
    • Meme Origins: Auron. It means Shaking My Head and is used when people goof up with something.
  • Popsicle Stand
    • Meme Origins: During the Grod and Willow Era, before they ditched us, they left a thing in the guild because they had decoration permits. They placed all of the decorations in the merchant area, probably didn't know we could remove all of them. The then gave a "team Rocket" like speech, Grod said, "C'mon babe lets blow this Popsicle stand." Afterwards, he took a long time to actually leave, probably trying to kick out members, even though they couldn't even do it anymore.
  • "Fuck off Allie"
    • Meme Origins: Chris showed a video of a drunk Scottish dude, puking on the ground. He crosses the street and a bus hits him, he bounces off the ground because it didn't hit him hard enough. His friends call to him to watch out, and one of them just says "Fuck you Allie."
  • "Put it in me pucker"
    • Meme Origins: That Rin Tan person said it and it was funny, the end.
  • Communist
    • Meme Origins: This came from the way the guild operates as a whole, its basically communism. So then a flag was made, everything was called communist things such as "Comrade" and the use of The Hammer and Sickle. To be fair, its more of a way of life than a meme, but it counts enough for me to type it right?
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