A Dance In Fire Wikia

Bob's Inferno (Pre Fire Age)

Before [FIRE] there was [ADD]. In the beginning [ADD] consisted of merely 10 members, but when Bob met Sylent their numbers were in the three hundreds in a matter of months. Day and night Sylent toiled from his waking hours until he slept. Hard at work and enthusiastic... The guild leader Bob however was not the same. Bob did not do any recruiting, nor tended to his officer duties. He instead left everything in the hands of Sylent. The officers displeased with Bob for his lack of leadership followed Sylent who displayed such. So through this Bob's title became just that, a title nothing more. Sylent continued his work with the other officers until one fateful day the guilds fortunes would turn for the worst. A traitor in their midst had secretly begun recruiting for another guild! Nay a traitress, Arya! She had been recruiting people into her boyfriends guild. With this news Sylent was in disbelief and turmoil that none other than his beloved friend and fellow officer had done such a deed. Arya had poisoned Bob with lies. Bob became angry and was soon to demote Sylent. Then two of Sylent's officers Rin and Vivi told him to leave and start anew. With heavy convincing, Sylent followed the advice. All of the officers excluding Arya had gone with Sylent. With the command core entirely empty the three hundred plus guild lost leadership. Arya was able to continue deceiving the guild and further recruit more people as Bob blamed Sylent for the destruction of the guild. Within a month the guild had fallen into disarray and neared extinction. Such was a violently beginning for a peaceful guild. [FIRE]'s greatest enemy, Arya, would still continue her deception and assault against Sylent for the coming months. Though against the newly born Phoenix her efforts waned against the test of time.

Risen From The Ashes (The Fire Age)

Born anew from the ashes of a dying guild was A Dance In [FIRE]! Sylent now unshackled from the restraints of leading what was not his guild, poured forth again his time and effort to create the perfect guild. Still fatigued from his latest test and the prospect of having to start from the beginning, he had lost much of his energy. His will though remained unhindered. Through his ambition he was able to rebuild what was lost and in a month the guild gained more than 200 hundred members. This age would be the age where Sylent and his officers forged a guild through friendship and ambition to reach greater heights than ever before.

The Eternal Phoenix (The Golden Age)

The Golden Ages, the most memorable and fondest memories for those who had the fortune of witnessing it. This was the age of happiness, hope, and prosperity. A prophet by the name of Nerder had graced their guild. This would be the time Sylent had reached his dream of the greatest guild of all. However hidden beneath all of the happiness and friendship something dark stirred and accumulated force. Unbeknownst to the guild a time of misery would soon be on their door step.

Red November (The Dark Age)

A time when the officers had forgotten what it meant to be leaders! The time where they became lazy to the easy and happy life they had created! That time where they had known such a prolonged peace and prosperity that they did not safeguard themselves from decadence! The dark ages had arrived... Not only did the decadence sweep through like a plague in the guild but personal and internal strife had festered as well. Morale was low. Activities were cut. People were leaving. All of this pestilence had accrued in only a few weeks. This age is known to be the most painful, bleak and sorrowful time the guild had ever endured. Such grief would had afflicted scars throughout the guild. Through personal conflicts the officers, Rin, and Vivi had left. Many began to find a bland taste in Guild Wars. Sylent had lost his best friend and officers. Nerder a beloved guildie had given up hope as well. Pyro had still not returned from the real world. This time truly was the lowest point of the guild. Through its death the Phoenix would be reborn again, but Sylent's will had begun to diminish.

Phoenix Reborn (The Age Of Recovery)

At an age where Sylent had nearly quit and given up on everything. Inspired by the survivors and those who endured such terrible times, Sylent encouraged himself to continue on. To keep pressing forward! The symbol of the phoenix became more than a banner for the guild but an inspiration of hope and the undying will of the guild. [FIRE] made a steady recovery from the Dark Ages but it would continue to bear its scars for all of time. This age is known to be a time of repairing, stagnation and governmental improvement. This is the age most of the guild would recollect. As this age unlike the others, would span for one whole year. It would take this entire age before Sylent regains much of his lost ambition to swallow the world.

Rearming The Phoenix (The Age Of Reformation)

At the height of The Age Of Recovery. Sylent rearmed the Phoenix with 500 members to its name. For Officer Eilens remarkable love for the guild he had her Sainted for her good will towards the people. This also was the first time the guild had done a Guild Meet Up. This was a time where no clear goal was visible as we had seemed to achieve everything we set forth to do. This amount of peace and stability had not been seen since the days of the Golden Ages. The Officers frustrated and afraid of stagnation and decay. Afraid of the Dark ages returning, they hastily came forth with a plan. This they coined the Reformation commonly known as The Purge. With this they enacted a violent change that came about in the way of removing nearly 300 souls from the guild. These souls they deemed inactive or simply uncaring. The idea was to keep those who truly cared within [FIRE], this brought about new policies mostly dealing with recruiting. This Age brings forth a renewed effort as Sylent works again to achieve 500 members. Though these times would test Sylent as he would now find recruiting members to be a difficult task. Although we have rebuilt and once more are great. The guild now highly stable, it was still outshined by the age of old.