A Dance In Fire Wikia

This list and names are subject to change, so please do keep yourself updated from time to time!

Baby Comrade: This is where all new guild members are born into the comrade family! At this rank, you have quite a lot of freedom with no catches involved. All new guildies start from here! Once you get your name out there and become recognized as a solid guildie. You will indeed move up to the next level.

[Unrepping allowed at this level].

Comrade: The rank of comrade is an obvious step up, when you've been in the guild a while and people know who you are and recognize your characters, it is a positive step up as people are starting to see you as a good guildie to FIRE with many good bonds with (if not all) some of the members.

[Unrepping allowed at this level].

Legionnaire: Some guild members go above and beyond for their friends. They do amazing things selflessly and for no rewards. When a guild member has reached the rank of legionnaire, it means quite a lot to the officers of FIRE and partially to the guild members.

Stepping into this rank means we can't thank you enough for your valiant efforts or the time you may have dedicated to FIRE and its members. To acknowledge these achievements, we wanted this role to be there as a thanks to those that have clearly shown willing or a fond love for the family as well as keeping to a selfless, helping nature.

Legionnaires aren't a place holder spot any more as they previously once were. Occurrences in the past clearly exhibited that the "retainer" rank was a faulted system. Often we were told it was giving false hope and putting too much stress on the guild members in the old rank that was once in its place.

We felt this gave the role a more positive meaning to its predecessor. As a side note to this role, we felt that in the best interests of the guild, it is quite important to note that guild members may or may not progress past this point as the current meta for this position does not hold any correlation to its older values of a placeholder rank.

[Unrepping allowed at this level].

Lieutenant: This is the first step into officer life. Frequents meetings will need to be attended in order to stay in touch with upcoming changes, potential changes, or occurrences good and bad that we feel relevant to go over. Lieutenants don't take on as much guild duties as much as an officer, captain or leader would. But upholding general rules and making sure guild members are adhering to them is still relevant in this position as much as an officer and above would do.

Lieutenants will attend these meetings to help construct a solution or help bring about change or good ideas that will progress the guild. With good or bad points on the table to speculate the matter, then the officers can decide upon a calculated conclusion and hopeful resolve.

Lieutenants do have more of a sense of freedom than officers and above do, as they can indeed be actively involved with other guilds to maintain the communities relations with other like-minded guilds.

[Unrepping not allowed at this level].

Officer: This rank you would be expected to attend all meetings, be actively involved in a lot of the guild goings on, and help generate constructive ideas to better the guild in general. Officers are there to maintain the peace on our platforms and to give punishment or appraisal where it is due. It is their job to keep things running smoothly in the more intricate depths of problems that may occur.

At this rank, it is important that they are not actively involved with other guilds, and must keep Fire as their main focus at this rank and beyond. Unless, however, there are special intricacies where this is not possible or feasible.

[Unrepping not allowed at this level].

Captain: This rank is second to last. This position comes from a lot of hard work and does involve a lot of trust. As it is indeed almost like being a leader to an entire guild, but not quite.

Captains are required to attend all meetings, and be very actively involved in guild goings on big and small. Their tasks do reflect closely to the officer rank. Their duties are very much similar in many respects.

This position essentially acts as a vice president to the leader. If the guild leader is not present or cannot be around at that time, it is the captains duty to do what they can to help lead with the officers in a direction fitting of the situation that may be happening. A captain will also have substantial authority over possible officer actions when the leader is not present and has been put under official authority to man the guild by the Imperator.

Primarch (Guild leader): This is the overseer of FIRE. No other person can be at this level, other than the leader himself. The guild leader schedules the meetings, maintains all goings on and keeps a firm grip on the steering wheel of the guild, while the officers act as backseat poodles helping to navigate the guild on this long and great adventure. .

If there are any more detailed questions that are not answered within this body of text, please do contact any of the Lieutenants and above! We would be more than happy to help you better understand how things work more closely at any time!