I'm Melissa. But you can call me Mel for short. I'm a veteran with FIRE and have been here since it's creation. I'm a huge role player of over 10 years. I'm also a Lieutenant in the guild. I currently have 17 characters. My hobbies are watching anime, roleplaying and hanging out with my online family. My favorite colors are Black, Green, Purple, Pink and Red. Favorite food is Pizza and chocolate ice cream. To tell a little of my journey with FIRE! I met Sylent recruiting for our old guild Accelerating Dynamics Division. [ADD] I was looking for a rp guild that did more than just rp and had fun events to offer. After joining, I immediately became a rp leader and dedicated my life to rp. We had a small fallout with our guild leader Bob and Sylent left to make FIRE so I joined him. Since then I've been a loyal member to the guild and stood by my friends even through all the hardships we endured together.

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