An only child born in texas moving to Louisana at the age of 3(unknown info.error). 

 At the age of 9 moving to the harsh cold of Minnesota. Where she grew up to have many friends, some leaving her behind others staying by her. during middle school, she had friends who were into drugs and the like, but you think she went and did those, but no she didn't, surprising herself and her friends she did not give into those things. Instead, she went to video games which were far more addictive than any substance, they showed her worlds where it didn't matter if you were short or tall, fat or skinny, you could do anything. One day she stumbled upon a youtube video of someone playing Guildwars 2, and she thought to herself 'gosh I wish I could play that, but I have a mac that can bearly run WoW. She eventually got older and forgot about Guildwars 2. Till one day her father told her he was getting her a more powerful computer so she can play things other than Minecraft and indie games. She then downloaded Guildwars 2, and choose a server, called Gunner's hold and found a guild called Legionnaire of souls or King for short, these people made her time on Guildwars 2 fun, but eventually she thought 'i should join a server on the NA server so I can find people in my time zone. So she did she joined Tarnished coast, and for weeks she was alone watching people RP and the likes, she was wondering if she should try and go back to her other server. Yet that is not what happened she was in Divinity's reach one day and this other player and Asura asked her if she wanted to join their guild overwhelmed with joy, she said yes and accepted the invite, and played a game of sardines with them, which was unusual for her but not unheard of, and now we are here to where she typing this out as she thinks, which is odd but it doesn't matter too much.

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