A Dance In Fire Wikia

Rosalithe (Cottagesheep) has been a friend of Sylent's since their [ADD] days. He has been a member of [FIRE] Since it's humble beginning. Currently one of the longest members of FIRE next to Mel and Sylent, They have been known to take long siestas due to them still being in highschool though.

His Journey began December 27th, 2014. He was apart of a guild previously, but "wasn't ready for the commitment". He wandered all over, at one point in time he ran all the way from the grove to Divinity's Reach to later discover Asura gates. He was found by Sylent in Rata Sum,whilst advertising Accelerated Dynamic Division. Rosa/Sheep had RP'ed before so said "Aw, what the heck, why not?" and the rest is history.


Rosa has been known to frequent the PvP scene, but doesn't know a damn thing about it. They have also been known to spend his spare time learning dungeons, and teaching them to others. He only has 6 characters and likes to bounce from each one constantly. Their Characters are: Rosa (Main, Mesmer) Shroomella Spore (Ranger), Tugboat Jones (Scrapper), Mother Mystical (Elementalist), Enoby Dementia Way (Necromancer,FUKN PREPZ), Sugar Chai (Herald).

Overall, Rosa is a peculiar being, but under all the quirky sass, and snarky comments, he just wants to make friends.