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Sylent (SylentFart.8574) Edit

An only child raised in the hoods of Vegas. Grew up in a tight circle of friends. Upon reaching the age of 8-12 he moved to a more comfortable neighborhood leaving the rigorous life and his friends behind. The move undoubtedly affected the boys social life but he met a neighborhood kid which he grew very close to becoming his first best friend. The friend moved away and the distance was just too much to really maintain the bond and so that crippled more of his social crap. Now its middle school, his family was at Big Lots and they were about to go visit relatives and so his mother picked up a few PC games that were going to be gifts one being GUILD WARS 1. So the boi dont gib 2 poops and opened the box and downloaded Guild Wars 1. In school he was a lil shit but in the game he found out he didn't want to be that way and became nice instead. (this did not extend outside of the game) At the ripe age of 13 or 14 the lad became a guild leader and lead a good family friendly guild of 80 people. He did not have the determination nor did the dying community help hold him to the game so he gave up and returned to the real world being a lil shit.

Now high school Guild wars 2 came out. He thought he would never get back into MMO's ever AGAIN but a year later he missed talking to good decent human beings and so he started downloading GUILD WARS 2. The memory alone exhausted all thoughts of leading a guild once more. So as a Hedge Knight he looked high and low for someone to follow. Through many disasters a group of friends formed FIRE.

This group of friends keeps Sylent SANE. These groups of friends make Sylent HUMAN. This family he had forged became a vital part of his life. Connecting and understanding other people. So shitty a person can really become something new. Yes good friends were lost and enemies made. This home shelters a hope for the world. That It cannot all be filled with filth stains and humanity's decadence.

Really in all sense. Thank you everyone. I do not know where I would be or what kind of person I would be. I do know that meeting many of you, it would be the worst decision had my mother not picked up that one game on the shelf at Big Lots. You all have been a blessing in my life. Hard as this blessing comes, you cannot really enjoy life if it only contains happiness. I am a flawed person but give me the chance to be your friend, I want nothing else! I love you FIRE Fam!

Trivia Edit

  • If you in South Afrika hit me up with dem digits.
  • Loves cooking and eating. Food is Life.
  • Is fluent in two languages.
  • Recently found out he was a communist.
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