A Dance In Fire Wikia

G'day! My username is WasabiPenguin.5816, but I usually go by Wasabi. I was born in Adelaide, South Australia, and have not left the city since. I am currently studying International Politics as well as Japanese and Chinese at the University of Adelaide. I'm not very confident in my Chinese, but feel free to test me on my Japanese!


  • Eating sweets
  • Exploring
  • Martial Arts
  • Learning Languages
  • Gaming (Yeah, bet you didn't see that one coming, eh?)
  • Listening to music (Anything where the musicians have dumb hair.)


I have played GW2 for 4 years now, and I'm relatively confident in saying it's my favorite game of all time. I enjoy PvE, PvP, and character customization, but my favorite thing to do in the game is explore. I love finding little secret areas in the game (E.g, Diessa Plateau strawberry garden) And would love to get any messages about any secret areas I may not have found! I love talking to new players, and I'm happy to help with anything I can. My current characters are: Tyrfax (Mesmer), Rytts (Thief), Einvarth (Warrior), Eivarn (Ranger), Tarrenthal (Necromancer), Pneumatic Jack (Engineer) and Asivina (Elementalist).

History with [FIRE][]

I was first invited to join [FIRE] when I was wondering around DR, and stumbled upon a dance party being held. Some guy (Can't remember his name, Sylent maybe?) Grabbed me and is holding me hostage until this current day. Under that bloke's (Sylent maybe? I can't recall) iron-fisted reign, I worked happily as an officer for about half a year(?). Unfortunately, university appeared and removed me from my blissful kidnapping. Today, I have returned to the danger safety* Of Sylent(?)'s arms, where I will be spending as much time as possible from now on.


  • I am fluent in velociraptor.
  • I have an intense fear of teeth being removed. (Dentists are fine.)
  • I look like Ellen DeGeneres.
  • I do not sound, in any way, like Chris. (I do NOT have an accent.)
  • I will not, under any circumstances throw another shrimp on the barbie.
  • My favorite food is Dango.